• Flexible easy-to-use framework for creation of test harnesses;
  • Complex, distributed systems can be tested/verified;
  • "Black box" and "white box" testing;
  • Main application areas:
    • Telecommunication protocol conformance and interoperability testing;
    • SNMP agents;
    • Management interfaces;
    • Software API.
  • Documented sources written in C;
  • User guide, architecture and high level design documents;
  • Can be provided as a service or provided with full source code. Please contact us for more details.

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Key features

  • Centralized structured log from all participants of the testing;
  • Unified interface to configure participants of the testing;
  • Tracking of configuration changes with a possibility of automatic rollback;
  • C libraries are provided for tests which may be written in any applicable language;
  • Structured test harness with parameterized tests;
  • Any executables may be included in test package;
  • Test Coverage Estimation;
  • Automatic (night) testing;
  • Regression testing with tools to compare obtained results with expected ones, compare different implementations, monitor a status of bugs.

Supported platforms

Test environment is actively developed for Linux host platform. The Engine works on Linux and may be ported to many UNIX-like operating systems. Stations with Linux™, FreeBSD™, NetBSD™, OpenSolaris™ and Microsoft™ Windows™ are supported as participants of testing (configuration, traffic generation and capture, API calls via SUN RPC, etc).

Sophisticated support for

  • Network protocols (ATM, Ethernet, ARP, Ipv4/v6, UDP, TCP, DHCP, SNMP, iSCSI);
  • Configuration of interfaces, routes, ARP (ARL) tables;
  • Configuration of DHCP server (ISC), DNS server (bind9), TFTP, SMTP (sendmail, qmail, postfix, exim), FTP servers (vsftpd, proftpd, wu-ftpd);
  • Socket API testing (SUN RPC);
  • Command-line interface testing.

Success stories

Test environment has been successfully used in many different projects for more that 6 years:

  • Power over Ethernet switch with STP support;
  • ATM gateway;
  • SNMP agents/MIBs (802.11, ATM, IPIF, …);
  • Command-Line Interface;
  • Radius and 802.1x authentication;
  • iSCSI initiator;
  • Private TCP/IP with Socket API including WinSock2 extensions (more than 8500 tests).


  • Creation of private test harnesses for your needs including support of a new protocols, configuration facilities, RPCs;
  • Creation of private or porting existing test agents for your target platform;
  • Porting the engine to a new platform;
  • Help in using and customizing tests and test agents.

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