Project dates: February 2004 – December 2004

Team Leader: Elena Vengerova, Senior Software Engineer

The task was to design, implement, and test software for PoE Switch.

Target OS: Linux.

Host OS: Linux.

BCM5645 switch fabric was used for L2 and L3 switching.

Total effort for the Development and Testing: 22 man-months

During the project:

  • BCM driver for Linux was implemented (switching tables management and exception packets processing)
  • Linux daemon for synchronization of Linux routine/ARP tables with BCM switching tables)
  • STP protocol implementation
  • design of management view (customer requirement was implementation of private management protocol, but management view was based on SNMP MIBs)
  • implementation of management agent for switch
  • implementation of management agent simulator for debugging of GUI management tool
  • implementation of Linux console management client
  • design and implementation of automatic test suite (including Ethernet, IP forwarding, STP conformance and stress tests).

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